Making & Growing Disciples


'Church' is just the collective noun for a bunch of disciples.

Unfortunately, 'Church' has become something of a religious institution that provides services for a few people who like that sort of thing.  It is known in the community as an old building, a religious club, a place where you can get children christened, couples married, and hold funeral services for those who have died.

But Jesus' vision for his Church was a far more vibrant, life-giving movement of people who, filled with his Spirit, would carry on his work and help others to join in and do the same.

Our focus now, as Church in Wigan, is on being disciples of Jesus: people who are not confined to buildings, rituals or traditions, but rather people released with fresh faith to worship God, love one another and reach out to others with the good news of Jesus for today.  

We gather to worship but go out for the service.  We make Jesus known to those we meet and spend time with.  We believe Jesus' promise that he will be with us.  We trust him to do his work through us.