Renew Disciples | Reorientate Church | Revive Community


Our aim is to focus on personal relationship over and above ritual religion.  

We are creating a movement of disciples who want to renew their commitment to Jesus, following and serving him with their gifts and ministries.  

We understand 'Church' to be the collective noun for the disciples in one place ... and our place is Wigan!  We will reorientate church away from trying to preserve what we have towards transforming what will be in terms of worship, fellowship and service.  

As the Holy Spirit does a new work among us we expect to see a spiritual revival among the people of Wigan. 


"Of all the things we have chosen to remember over 2,000 years - all those little doctrinal quirks, the inexplicable religious rituals, and those pesky marginal traditions that we perpetuate in the church - we have somehow managed to all but forget the essential gospel mandate to make disciples of the nations"

Alan Hirsch, 'Disciplism'