To engage at least 20,000 people across the borough in this new adventure we are focusing on better relationship.  The Greek word for ‘church’ is ‘ekklesia’ which literally translates as ‘the called-out ones’.  We will be helping church leaders, priests and people to refresh what we do now and plant new fresh expressions of church to better serve the people of Wigan who want to join the journey at some point but need different ways to get involved and step on in faith, hope and love. 


To help us get our minds and hearts into the new adventure we are using the term Church to describe all of us together as one group of disciples of Jesus in Wigan.  As one Church we see ourselves as ‘Team Wigan’. 


To best enable growth we are creating several Hubs within Team Wigan.  A Hub network will provide a flexible framework for growth being established on a relationship basis and not on a boundary or building basis.  Each Hub will have two full-time dedicated leaders to lead and support the whole Hub Team and to enable growth and health across the communities being served. This team will also include the Local Missional Leaders and teams from each Worship Community


Each Hub will have many different Worship Communities.  These will be one of two types.  The first will be 'refreshed' traditional church congregations that currently identify themselves as individual churches.  The traditions and expressions of each of these is still very important but each one needs to be refreshed with a renewed method of leadership, fellowship and outreach for growth into the future.  The second will be fresh expressions of new types of worship community formed to enable various groups to better explore and express their faith in ways that make more sense of their culture and experience.    


A new approach requires new ways of leading and serving the church and community.  The role of every minister – lay and ordained – will shift onto a new pathway as we find ways of working better together across Wigan as a dedicated team. Our clergy will no longer be confined to one or two Worship Communities but rather enabled to work better across the Team with specific leadership or ministry roles.  Every disciples of Jesus will be encouraged to use their own specific gifts in worship - serving God, one another and others they live and work with each and everyday.