Establishing one Church

Our first goal is to bring together all the tribes of churches into one Church in Wigan.  United, we will flourish. Isolated we will fade away.  In this one 'ChurchWigan' we will create several new 'Hubs'  each with a variety of 'Worship Communities'.  This is a whole new relationship model based on shared leadership and growth.   .

Creating a House of Prayer

Every Worship Community now has a 'Prayer Rep' and they are being brought to gather to develop the growing network of prayer across Wigan. In November we launch the first Order of Prayer of people committed to a daily discipline of prayer for the vision and strategy of transforming Wigan. 

Growing Leadership teams

Leadership is the critical issue for the success of the strategy.  Leadership is never the actions of one person.  Every Hub will have a leader and an associate.  Every Worship Community will have a Local Missional Leader and team.  Other leaders will be appointed for specific ministries and mission projects.  

Developing Deeper Discipleship

An ongoing programme of opportunities for people to go deeper in their faith and actions will be developed.  This will include regular 'Deeper Discipleship' events, an 'Equip' programme to develop leadership gifts, a 'Directions' course to explore future ministries, and teaching programmes in churches across Wigan

Refreshing and Planting

We will begin to identify existing congregations that can be 'refreshed' as Worship Communities for future health and growth.  We will plant new 'fresh expressions' of Worship Communities to enable new people to engage well in the journey of discipleship.