The regular COREgroup meeting

Each time your core-group meets you have a Bible passage to read. 

It is good if this is part of a regular scheme (eg. Lectionary, Bible-in-a-year, Daily Notes, etc.) so that you have a bigger context for the passage.  There is a set of passages on the website linked to a theme.

15 mins

One of you reads the passage and then someone else prays for God to speak to the group.

Then you take two minutes to re-read the passage on your own and see which word or phrase most grabs you.  Then each person in turn says their word or phrase out loud.  After that each person simply shares why they think this word or phrase has caught their attention.

15 mins

Then you consider the discipleship question one: “What is Jesus saying to you?”

There may be a number of things in the passage that are general to all disciples but it is also the case that there will be something specific that speaks to each individual.  This may have come from the word or phrase that grabbed you or it may have come from what one of the others has shared.  Or it may be something that is being impressed on you by the Holy Spirit at that moment either for yourself or another group member.  Take some time here to listen carefully to God and one another and be courageous in sharing anything you feel someone else in the core-group might need to hear that may be a word of encouragement, clarity, direction or challenge.

10 mins

Then you consider discipleship question two: “What are you going to do about it?”

Each member shares anything they need to commit to doing in the coming week in the light of what they have heard.  It is good to note this down in some way so that an ongoing record is kept of what Jesus is saying to you and what you are doing about it.

10 mins

Then you consider discipleship question three: “Who are you going to share this with?”

This is a change to the pilot sessions run through Lent 2016. This question challenges us to be responsible for sharing what we have with others.  This may be something to say to someone or do for someone or just to encourage or help someone to draw near to Jesus themselves.

10 mins

Finally you consider discipleship question four: “What are you praying for this week?”

This is another change from the pilot sessions and focuses in on the need to cover everything in prayer.  Pray specifically for the things you are each committing to in the coming week and make sure that you continue to pray for each other and yourself as you go.  Remember to pray for the four people you are holding in prayer together as you journey through this season.


Before you leave, agree the set of Bible passages you are going to read before next time.

It is good to stick to a reading scheme and keep a journal or notes as you go along.  Agree which passage is going to be the one to use for your next core-group meeting. If you are using the ‘Transforming Wigan’ scheme for the season then you will find the theme and passages on the website at

Make sure that you all know the date, time and venue for the next meeting and don’t forget to pray for each other every day and check in with each other if you know that something specific is going on for one of the group on one day.