In Lent 2016 we launched ‘CORE-groups’ to strengthen, encourage and challenge disciples of Jesus living out their faith every day.  A core group is made up of four disciples who commit to journeying together for a period of time as they all seek to follow Jesus and do the work of a disciple.  Each person brings their own life experience, gifts and ministries to the group and offers them to one another to help and be helped in the journey ahead.

Each group member also brings the name of someone with whom they have regular contact and the group commits to pray daily for these people that they might encounter Jesus for themselves.

To download notes for the session click below.

Lent Course PDF

Lent Course Microsoft Word

Videos for each week are now available below:

Session 1 - God on your side

Session 2 - A Bit of bread

session 3 - a few stones

session 4 - Perfect peace

session 5 - a few fighters

session 6 - love plus one