Deeper Discipleship


Deeper Discipleship

Deeper Discipleship


Jesus gave his followers a commission to go and make disciples.  He said that he would build his Church.  Jesus is the Head of the Church and we, as His disciples, are His body carrying out this commission on earth until He comes again.  

Sadly, we seem to be more focused on building lots of churches than making disciples of Jesus.  We have been establishing an institution instead of developing a movement.  In reality ‘Church’ is just the plural of ‘Disciple’.  

In any place where you find more than one disciple of Jesus you will naturally find the Church worshiping and serving. There will be many different Worship Communities within the Church as disciples gather as local fellowships to break bread together, to hear God’s word preached and revealed, to be encouraged and equipped for the work ahead, to pray for healing and hope and for the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in that place.  And our ‘place’ is Wigan.  

Our two principles are to make and grow disciples.  We are re-orientating Church for this purpose.  We are focusing on going deeper with God through Jesus our Lord and Saviour, by the power of His Holy Spirit working in and through us.

For ChurchWigan the emphasis is now on making and growing disciples and providing the flexible structure for enabling many existing Worship Communities to be refreshed and for new ones to be planted so that we can better reach and nurture many, many disciples of Jesus … at least 20,000.

Deeper discipleship.  SUNDAY 2ND APRIL. 7-9PM. ST MARK'S, NEWTOWN

This is our next regular monthly evening together on the first Sunday of the month bringing the disciples of ChurchWigan together to worship together, dig deeper into God's word, and share what He is doing in our lives and to pray for each other in a relaxed setting. 

Tim Montgomery will be speaking on the topic Going Deeper in 2017.

Please come and bring others along who you feel would benefit from this. No need to book in advance, just turn up ready and open to worship, share, learn and pray.

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