Following the success of our ‘COREgroup’ pilot during Lent 2016, we are encouraging disciples of Jesus in Wigan to continue with the scheme going forward.

COREgroup is an initiative of Transforming Wigan.  It is a simple discipleship growth method that is enjoyable, challenging and very powerful.  The aim of COREgroup is to keep your life focused on Jesus and to provide challenge and support to keep on keeping on.  It is an integral tool for making and growing disciples.

If you are already in a COREgroup you might like to continue this on for another six weeks until Pentecost Sunday. Or you might like to be bold and divide in half and make two new groups by inviting another four people to make up two new groups! Or, if you have just caught on to the scheme you can grab three other people and make a completely new group. Whatever you do … be part of a COREgroup as we journey on with the mission.

COREgroup begins with a group of four disciples who commit to journeying together for a period of time (6-12 weeks) as they all seek to follow Jesus and do the work of a disciple.  Each group member brings their own life experience, gifts and ministries to the core-group and they offer these to one another to help and be helped in the journey ahead.

COREgroup holds another four people in prayer as the group journeys together.  Each group member brings the name of someone with whom they have regular contact and the group commits to pray daily for these people that they might encounter Jesus for themselves.

COREgroup meets regularly for about an hour and a half.  It is best to do this weekly if possible.  A lot of core-groups plan a longer time together once or twice during the journey together to simply relax and maybe eat together to develop their friendship and support.  This is also a good time to invite others to join them with a view to establishing new core-groups going forward.

When the group of four meets there are four CORE principles and four CORE questions:

C... is for CHRIST. 

Jesus Christ is Lord and we are his disciples.  He is the core of our lives and he is with us and in us by his Spirit.

The core question is: “What is Jesus saying to you?”

O... is for OBEDIENT

Disciples obey Jesus’ command to go.  He sends us out to be and speak good news and he is with us.

The core question is: “What are you going to do about it?”


Jesus sent his disciples out together. We support and challenge each other to do what Jesus asks of us. 

The core question is: “Who are you sharing this with?”

E... is for EXPECTANCY

With Jesus at work in us by the power of the Spirit we will see things happen.  Prayer changes things.

The core question is: “What are you praying for this week?”

During Lent the theme for COREgroup was "What have you got?". You can catch up or revisit the Lent videos and materials on the Lent Course page here.

The current theme for COREgroup is "Breakout", and will run for the six weeks between Easter and Pentecost.